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Tranquil waters and colorful balloons at the Colorado Springs Balloon Classic.


Artist Ed Spence is doing some truly innovative things with his latest series of photographs.

Spence starts by photographing a piece of reflective paper. After printing the image, he slices it up into tiny “pixels” and organizes the bits by color.

Photos of Reflective Paper Sliced Into Pixels and Rearranged

via Booooooom


Hoi. My name is Jannis. Im a 17 years old german based hobbyist photographer. I take pictures since christmas 2012, when I got my first DSLR. I have to say maybe I photograph not as much as other photographers but I have my phases where I’ll get back on this time, for example holiday. I like breathtaking and beautiful landscapes but also vintage minimalist portraits, often black and white.

This is photo from my last norwaytrip. I have other similar photos from there on my tumblr, i would love when you can check them out!

My Tumblr:

Feel free to reblog my photos or contact my whyever. ♥ I usually follow back, if your photography inspire me or is similar to mine.


Busy but quiet Elliot Bay off Seattle Waterfront.